Born in 1983, loving to get into contact and explore new possibilities.

I became a hair stylist in Taiwan in 2003, and I’ve also been an educator until now. I live in Taiwan. 

In the early stages, I focused more on rather small viewpoint, dedicating more to the dyeing skills, and I usually described my ideas through the color of hair.

As the working style changes, I begin to have contact with fashion photography, learning to sense and observe from different fields. Also, I try to broaden the starting point by turning my creation into organizing photography, hairstyle, makeup and apparel, in an attempt to create the mutual collection.

During several times of business performance and trips, I have some doubt towards the route of communication, coming up with the idea to pursue the authentic communication which can leap over the barrier of reality, and thus get into more contact with words, painting, photography and voice.

I joined Butoh workshop of Kazuo Ohno during my trip to Japan in 2017, and it’s the link to gather the pieces in the past by switching abstract emotion and expressive perception on.

Being positive to more contact and trial in the current stage








Work Experience

  • Hair Show & Workshop
    Wella / Goldwell / Loreal @Dubai
  • Runway (Taiwan)
    Chanel / Marc Jacobs / SHIATZY CHEN / Jamei Chen / Audi / Vollkswagen / MarieClaire
  • Magazine
    Vogue Taiwan / ELLE Taiwan / Bazaar Taiwan / Marie Claire Taiwan / Sicky / OVE Jp / Zine / Milk / Lez’s 
  • Advertisements & Events
    Taipei Film Festival / Taipei Golden Melody Awards / Taipei Golden Horse Awards


  • 2012 Colorzomm World Top 5 
  • 2015-2016 AIPP Best Photo Champion
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